Although the target was unveiled three years, the Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta who was represented by Director, New Media and Information Security, Alhassan Haru, gave this assurances at the 27TH AfriNIC Meeting (AFRINIC-27), with the theme “Taking the African Internet to the Next Level through Policy, Collaboration and Education” at the Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja-Lagos. NCC, he also said, recognizes its prime responsibility in the actualization of the Nigerian National Broadband Plan, and have set “machineries in place that will enable the country to meet and even surpass the 30 per cent target of broadband penetration in by 2018,” he said, stressing that the commission’s effort is geared toward the realization that broadband access, which presently stands at 21.8 percent, is key to any national development agenda.

In order to meet and surpass the target, he disclosed that the Commission has earmarked for commercial broadband deployment two slots in the 700MHz band and the 800MHz band, also known as the Digital Dividend 1 has been re-planned and licensed for 4GLong Term Evolution (LTE) deployment.

Equally, other efforts by NCC, he said, would expose the telecom industry for better growth and investment, emphasizing that the 900MHz E-GSM band, which has been licensed for 4G LTE deployment; the 70/80GHz band (E-Band), which has been opened to facilitate broadband deployment; whereas the 2.3 GHz band was licensed for 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) deployment in the country.


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