Akinlola made this known at the 2017 Telecoms Executive and Regulator Forum (TERF) at Oriental Hotel in Lagos, where he was represented by the Director, Regulatory and External Affairs at ntel, Mr. Osondu Nwokolo. He also noted that Nigeria is still in need of broadband capacity anchored on synergy by relevant stakeholders. In addition, Nwokolo decried the fact that many at times, the decision affecting directly on the telecom sector is taken outside the industry without core industry players participating.

This, he said, does not argue well for the development and growth of the sector, especially in the telecom sector who are supposed to use the supposed infrastructure. Equally, he said that spectrum trading is a good idea but content to drive it should be looked into as well. He advised government to always include the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and operators who deliver based on requisite OEMs tp the end user.

Further, he canvassed for the OEMs to be part of the beneficiaries of any tax incentive to afford to domestication of their factories in the country, thereby creating jobs for Nigerians and reducing the cost of acquiring such equipment or devices by end users.

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