Nigeria DigitalSENSE Forum Series 2014


June 5-6, 2014


Welcome Centre Hotels, Airport Road, Lagos.


Welcome Centre Hotels, Airport Road, Lagos.

Rising from a two-day Nigeria DigitalSENSE Forum under the auspices of Nigeria DigitalSENSE Forum Series hosted by DigitalSENSE Africa in collaboration with the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), and National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and Internet Society Nigeria Chapter on the 5th and 6th of June 2014 at the Welcome Centre Hotel with the themes: Internet Governance, eBiz and Open Access in Nigeria Internet Governance for Development (IG4D) and IPv6 & Broadband Penetration on Nigeria IPv6 Roundtable, in commemoration of the World IPv6 Day 2014, with notable stakeholders in attendance.

We, the participants having exhaustively discussed the issues on the front burner submit as follows:


1. That the forum is a veritable platform to x-ray potentials inherent in the ICT, propagate its use and impact positively on young minds and new user.

2. Nigeria is progressing rapidly in the ICT industry.

3. There is high Internet usage in Nigeria but with low or near absence of local content uploads.

4. People should be mindful of the quality and language of their uploads online as this can affect their future positively or otherwise.

5. That though IPv4 is almost exhausted globally, Africa still has a large unused allocation.

6. Broadband and economics have become intertwined such that broadband internet can facilitate all that we do around us today such as Education, Health, Agriculture etc.

7. The absence of broadband to homes contributes to low internet penetration in Nigeria compared to the population and applications in various sectors of the economy.

8. Participants observed that affordable is still an issue in a country where per capita income is below $1 per day.

9. Parents have apathy towards their children’s use of the internet.

10. There are no Apps that can conveniently support search and rescue operations in Nigeria.

11. The Internet has not addressed the high level of poverty, women discrimination, infant and maternal deaths and security challenges.

12. IPv6 is designed to improve internet delivery on routing, management, transport, mobility, security and ubiquity.

13. The media have very important roles to play in the proliferation and use of the internet especially in promoting local content uploads and the use of .ng domain names.

14. The Internet future promises the use of IP to solve human problems beyond current imagination.

15. There is need to use Information and Communication Technology as a catalyst to boost both individual growth and development and also of the nation through active participation in this all fast growing global sector.

16. Net neutrality is currently a global issue while some parts of the globe accept; some others like America are strongly in the opposition bearing in mind the level of crime perpetrated on the internet.

17. The establishment of the New Media and Information Security Department at NCC to address issues of Internet Governance should be sustained.

18. The poor power supply situation in the country today, the very erratic and almost unreliable telecommunications service and the seeming intractable daily security challenges are a sad reflection of our uncoordinated approach to the potentials available in our IT industry.



1. There is need to migrate to IPv6 and the use of appliances that are IPv6 compliant should be encouraged.

2. There should be an advocacy for migration to IPv6 and compliant gadgets.

3. There is an urgent need to expand the Nigeria broadband network such that Nigerians can have fast and affordable internet access with large penetration.

4. There is need to develop better internet technologies to meet modern challenges such as locating anyone wherever.

5. Open Access Model for our Broadband deployment strategy should be encouraged as this will not only lead to attraction of more investments to the economy, but will also lead to fast deployment of services while the inherent competition will lead to provision of qualitative and affordable services across the nation.

6. There is a great need to encourage children/youth to develop Apps that can contribute to our economic growth and development and further allow them reason on what changes they can make in the future of ICT industry.

7. While Net Neutrality is a welcome development, Nigeria should through the Ministry of Communication Technology ensure safe cyber space by further empowering the New Media and Information Security Departments at all the Departments and Agencies to address cyber security issues.

8. Our institutions of higher learning should actively participate in ICT through research and development by developing programmes and solutions that are indigenous.

9. There should be a conscious paradigm shift in government and private sector policies and practices towards promoting the .NG domain names.

10. Quality of broadband is a function of the effectiveness of regulation as such the regulatory agencies should ensure efficient, effective and reliable broadband use and penetration in Nigeria.

11. Local content development is the chief driver of any economy and if content is domesticated and locally trafficked, extraneous interference would be minimized as such Local content must be encouraged.

12. The media must work hard to get the broadband revolution actualised because Broadband is the oxygen that drives the media.

13. There is need for synergy among IT professionals practicing in the Country and the open source development model should be explored.

14. The IT industry in the country needs to be coordinated, organized and focused.

15. The players in the industry need to come together and synergize, else foreign companies will continue to dominate and take advantage.


1. The efforts of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) and his Lieutenant, Mrs. Omobola Johnson of Communication Technology Ministry, at ensuring the growth, development and proliferation of ICT in the country is commendable.

2. The sustained efforts of DigitalSENSE Africa in their campaign to make the technology thrive by organising this event annually is also commendable.

3. NCC’s current disposition to be very present and visible at both local and international level of discussions on all issues surrounding the ICT industry, making their input such as to protect the country’s interest is highly commendable.

4. The efforts of NITDA in terms of encouraging local content in the ICT industry is highly commendable and should energize and challenge the professionals.

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